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Waste Savings and Environmental Impacts

Environmental experts forecast that disposing of solid waste in the next decade will continue to be one the fastest growing business expenses facing companies.

Most business owners and managers have been at the sole discretion of solid waste hauling companies to recommend their waste solutions, which optimizes their business, not yours.

With every location entrusted to Talismark management, we have successfully relieved your obligation to unfavorable long-term hauler contracts, avoided potential government interference, restored vendor flexibility and right-sized your service to match current business demands.

Our focus at Talismark is to continue to assess and re-assess the best available combinations of vendors,equipment and disposal options to maximize your savings opportunity.

On February 2, 2008, with a commitment to quality service, reduced headaches, and bottom line savings, Talismark commenced managing waste services at two locations for The Morris Companies. As of December 31, 2012, Talismark provides waste services management for two properties for
your company. Each property added to Talismark’s program has successfully negated unfavorable long-term hauler contracts, avoided government interference, restored its ability to select any vendor at any time and right-sized your service mix and volumes while reducing costs and improving environmental efficiencies.

Many waste hauling companies are notorious for employing highly one-sided contracts permitting them:

  1. Exclusive rights to all services at every property
  2. Uncontestable and unqualified price increases whenever they choose
  3. Evergreen clauses that roll-over contract renewals automatically every three to five years
  4. Tying arrangements to unrelated waste services
  5. Personal guarantees
  6. Restrictive cancellation procedures and inequitable covenants

In addition to problematic haulers, local governments can be equally difficult with which to deal. Governments frequently involve themselves in waste services to extract taxes by mandating “customers” to use an “exclusive franchised hauler,” i.e., monopoly vendors, and requiring businesses to pay inflated pre-set costs, often with mandated minimum-volume service levels. Tax rates can exceed 20% in this monopoly scheme and government and its “chosen” haulers use every means at their disposal to enforce their “system” (legitimate or not) whether or not the “required” service levels are necessary.

Download the complete report - Tangible Results of Environmental Efficiency (TREE) Report


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